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      /  Vegan-friendly Silk Collection



    When it comes to rarity, smoothness and luxury, Silk is acclaimed for being among the most delicate and precious fabrics throughout the history.  This timeless beauty is a conscious lifestyle for those who care and cherish their miraculous bodies. Undeniable elegance of this exclusive fabric is delicately pleasing, softly soothing and nature’s most respectable gift for the skin.


    Nature’s art of weaving has put together on hand operated draw-looms by master weavers of the House, who process and creates these fabrics inch by inch with their fingers. Dyed with madder root, fed on Mulberry leaves from which exquisitely fine and most lustrous kinds comes out, Minzkou Silk Collection intents to bring comfort to your bodies.  By using organic dye and handmade fabrics that are sewn by our artisans’ hands, we are intending to bring you a unique luxurious and the most natural experience you can ever get because ‘’ We Respect Your Bodies ’’. More than that, ‘’We Respect Nature’’ and therefore, in most of our products we use Peace Silk that is cultivated in harmless ways.


    Minzkou uses 100 % real Pure Silk  in production of the Silk Collection. Sometimes there could be posts on social media or information about our silk products on the website to which we refer as Raw or Pure. These two words are interchangeable in the dictionary of Minzkou. Additionally, we produce these silk fabrics in most sustainable ways possible during the manufacturing process of extracting silk threads. In traditional manufacturing process, silkworms gets killed to obtain un-destroyed cocoons. In contrast,  as Minzkou, collect the cocoons after the silkworm is out of it.  ” Technically Silk is a by product of an animal but since we apply cruelty-free applications we safely call it in our words as Vegan-friendly Silk. “ In some resources, it may be known as  ‘ Peace or Wild Silk .’ Since Minzkou doesn’t  want to get involved in harming any creature exists on Earth, we do our best to keep ethical and cruelty-free practices whenever we can.


    Minzkou Raw Silk Collection is a totally exclusive production of the House. Other than being cruelty-free and having garments made of silk cocoons that’s been collected after the silkworm is out,  we follow other special procedure to keep the fabric as organic as possible though things get much more costly.  In addition to ethical cultivation, our Silk Collection is colored in plant-based dyes, woven entirely by hand with over 200 years old tradition and techniques on hand-operated looms by our skilled artisans which passed on many generations till today.


    Garments of Minzkou Pure Silk Collection is

    • Woven by hand on hand-operated looms
    • Made cruelty-free
    • Colored with plant-based dyes
    • Washed and cleaned with chemical-free organic soaps

    Discover now Nature’s most precious gift one can ever receive