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    Artist : Matt Vergotis



    You know you can’t escape but to go through every single worrisome thoughts and concern I might have regarding this relationship. Only way you can chill me right now in this fight that you will promise next time you’ll be more thoughtful in your actions. I need re-assurace that things will be alright otherwise not sure if we will have a future together… 

    You need to stop what you’re doing  and change your attitude immediately cuz’ it’s harming the relationship. It’s breaking my heart seeing you hurt yourself by looking up to only others and ignoring the absolute need of expressing your authentic self. I don’t get why you are into and fond of the Bloggers Next Door. Is she prettier, smarter, more influential? Why you keep copying other girls, wear what they wear, do what they do ?  You need to remember you’re unique and so is your way of being. Not even aware of  the fact that things you like is not even your own genuine likings. Stop giving away your power by surrendering those imposing standards of the mainstream.

    You can’t become an influencer who copies her favorite influencer who also copied the other influencer who was inspired by the influencer of another influencer.

    Magic lies in expressing the Real You. Claim your power back, stand firm and dare to be You:

    Be the light you always meant to be. Shine unapolegetically.

    From You to You

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