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      /  Uncategorized   /  TOXIC WARDROBES TOXIC SOULS



    ” As a result of Fast Fashion, nowadays customers should consider the toxicity level of the clothes purchased as much as caring for the organicness of the Kale in their juices, quality of the matcha leaves they brew and If their omelette is made with cage-free eggs.



    Since fast fashion has risen rapidly for the past decade, toxicity level of all kinds in our lives has also been on the rise. When fast fashion is done in unconscious ways, it results in this equation :

    Fast Fashion = Disposabal clothes + Obliging trends x Women copying other women – Self worth

    The Fashion industry has succesfully convinced we should be wearing the latest trends at all times at all cost and constant reduction in production costs created what we now call Fast Fashion! In order to sell latest fashion items easily, they are made cheap. Some cheap products often contain harmful chemicals made perhaps with unethical practices (to keep prices low.)

    Quoting a few passages from Minzkou Sustainability Policies and Procedures / Mind & Body & Soul Alignment:

    We as House of Minzkou urge everyone to reconsider DETOXING the wardrobes, not with ‘never buying fast fashion’ mentality but by introducing more quality clothes to our closets.

    Our clothes have undeniable affect both on our psychology and physicality. When Mind is not aligned with the Soul and Body, its decisions regarding healthier way outs get blurry. As one’s diet habit affects the entire mechanism of the body, alignment of the body with the mind and soul is also essential to maintain harmony in life. It’s all interrelated.

    If you care for your diet, you can care for your closet too. This is standing from just a physical point of view. In addition to physicality of the situation such as wearing products that contains high-level chemicals, there are other consequences on our day to day psychology in long-term.

    Inviting You to a Challenge !

    Giving attention to what you wear is not wasted time. Benefits of looking good can’t be overlooked. Minzkou’ s inviting you to a challenge; wearing sweats and flip flops for 30 days ! Don’t get wrong, there have been so many times when we could die for just wearing sweats and flipflops and watch Netflix all day long! We just want you to observe the end result of power of clothes. Watch how your psychology adapts to that. You will loose sense of identity and casualty will take over your creativity. Our energetic body is a living thing, it requires constant simulation to feel good and beautiful. In fact, the energetic body needs to express the flavor of its aura. That’s the whole point; expressing the authentic Self . When you omit this from the equation, it comes at a mental cost.

    Self-worth and Garment Quality Can Be Interchangeable

    Notice how a garment can look so wrinkled, shapeless or worn out ? Well, can we say cheap?  To us makes more sense to go to North Williamsburg (New York) swing by one of those famous consignment stores of Brooklyn and buy a vintage pick, at least this way you’re contributing to a community polluting world less. Just because you can maintain a fashion-forward wardrobe without braking the bank, doesn’t mean you don’t sacrifice something else. Buying unquality products you’re not only giving those companies your money but alas, sacrificing the self-worth subconsciously.

    Celebrities Adding Up to Toxicity

    By creating illusiion and hype through celebrity/influencer endorsements, new generation is being drawn into a fashion matrix. In this illusion, they make up an avatar with a delusional identity where they copy every action of “the other girl” . This is actually the main problem created by fast fashion and would like to focus on this topic in another post.

    Final words

    Do you know what can safely be a trend in fast fashion? Colors… Humans crave for colors, it’s backed by scientific facts. Patterns can be a trend, world is built on geometry, humans are made of mathematics. We can crave for patterns and shapes. We don’t crave for a blouse.. but we crave for a blouse that is Pink on which has dots or stripes. Catching up with every single trend means one got no style, no ability in self-expression and this the biggest problem of the world right now!

    This blog post was a bit all over, each paragraph was a different topic by itself. Would love to know of your thougths if you agree with the article, Cosmic Babes let’s discuss.

    P.S: Speaking of ” Sweats & Flipflop ” Challenge, we think you might enjoy another Detox Challenge of Minzkou : 12 EASY WAYS TO BOOST UP THE GOOD VIBES IN YOUR ‘WAR‘DROBE

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