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    We got only one Earth.


    One of the most fun and the raver collection; the MYKIZA.

    The inspiration of this collection comes from the dreamy islands in Mediterranean and Aegean seas named IBIZA AND MYKONOS. MYKIZA is the combination of these two Spanish & Greek islands : MYKONOS & IBIZA / MYKIZA

    Production and Eco-friendliness of MYKIZA

    In production of Mykiza Line, we braid yarns which later on make a top out of it. We purchase new fabrics from the manufacturers that won’t be used for any reason and later on create threads out of them or we turn our unused fabrics into threads by cutting the garments into speficic sizes.

    Production of this line is not so pain-free. Cutting out fabrics in to threads by hand into very specific thickness and thinness requires an enormous attention and effort. Braiding this type of fabric makes the end product very hard requiring our artisans put more effort and time on them while beading.   This way instead of making thousands of 1 same bustier, we make bustiers that are similar to each other in different colors and variations in low quantity that are absolutely one-of-a-kind

    Mykiza Braid Line of Minzkou is made of entirely by upcycled fabrics.

    As mentioned above, fabrics that are somehow aren’t useful anymore are being used in the production of Mykzia Collection. Due to upcyling procedure, we can’t mass produce the tops therefore they are always limited in quantity/color. We don’t care of stocks. We care more for unique designs and how to keep them eco-friendly and unreproducible by competitors.

    Even though the word “up-cycle” sounds like a more affordable way of production strategy and gives an illusion of “ being economical ”,  the procedure of the Mykiza Collection actually is pricier and requires much more time and effort. Most importantly it costs much more than any other textile production other houses practice. Our passion for a greener world and excitement of designing one-of-a-kind clothes is preventing Minzkou for making big profits that’s necessary for the continuation of our existence as a start-up.


    We gotta clear out a possible confusion. First of all, Minzkou uses 100 % real Pure Silk in production of this collection. However, we produce these silk fabrics in most sustainable ways possible during the manufacturing process of extracting silk threads. Silkworms gets killed to obtain undestroyed cocoons. In contrast, we as Minzkou, collect the cocoons after the silkworm is out of it. ” Technically Silk is a by product of an animal but since we apply cruelty-free applications we safely call it Vegan-friendly Silk.

    Garments of Minzkou Pure Silk Vegan-friendly Collection is

    • Colored with plant-based dyes
    • Washed with chemical-free organic soaps
    • Woven by hand on hand-operated looms
    • Made cruelty-free

    Today give yourself nature’s most precious gift : Shop 100 % Silk clothes for your precious bodies.

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