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      /  Uncategorized   /  THE UNSPOKEN OUTLIERS: PETITE & PLUS SIZES



    Did you know Kim is 5.2 !

    Having no standard in sizing in fashion industry and overlooking this problem spread across all countries in the world -thanks to leading fashion houses. Promoting model-like girls that are extremely slim and tall is what the fashion industry has been feeding off for decades. As if petite or plus-size women don’t have the right to look flattery in clothes and feeling beautiful is OK only for the GlamGirl…

    The average height of an American woman is roughly 163 cm (5 ft 4 in) (5’4″) and 65 million women are considered plus size in U.S. 

    When we look the average height of a women in the States, we realize that it is shockingly different than what we have made to believe. According to many researches In United States of America, average height of American women is 5.4 inches (163cm).

    Following this researches, 40% of American women are 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) or shorter.  One quarter of this number which makes up the 25 percent of the population are 155cm 5 ft 1 in ( 155cm) or shorter. Similar statistics goes for the plus size.

    The average female height varies from country to country. When we researched for the estimated height across the world, seen that average female height is approximately 5ft 3 in (1.60 m.) !

    ( not sure if Scandinavians included in this data, lol )


    Despite seeing more body positivity/neutrality as a rising trend, majority of the brands continue and will continue to ignore the non-standard sizing problem. Many of them don’t wanna get involved with especially Plus-size outlier, to not look like as if they promote an unhealthy life style which is just a cover-up and we all know it.

    According to an article published in New York  Times, Michael BARBARO states that ”We see that  despite what executives say, overall sales of petite clothing sizes have grown in the past several years, reaching $10 billion. So petite women suspect another culprit: high-end department stores that they say view the petite consumer as older, unfashionable and undesirable.”

    The petite female market has a compound annual growth rate of 8.6 percent annually. These women represent ten billion dollars of buying power in the retail industry. Media, modeling industry and designers catering to a market representing only a mere ” three percent of women at 5′9″ and above here in the United States. This standards are being promoted as the image of beauty and fashion. Being tall and slender what the fashion industry is imposing on people  for decades.


    But you know what, this is 2020 ! Just like technology, healthcare system and economical systems are dragged into radical changes, things should change in fashion industry too! Here at Minzkou we customize almost every single product you see on the site to give our Cosmic Babes the perfect fit because there are hundreds of different body types ! How come these billion-dollar fashion houses can NOT customize or create petite/plus size collections and Minzkou – as an emerging start-up – can cover a service gap that has been largely ignored by these companies. We want an ANSWER to that. Not only large companies but also micro to medium scaled companies can easily offer this service too.

    What we wear affects how we perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us…

    Every woman’ s day-to-day psychology is greatly affected by what she wears and that’s why your clothes should NOT ever wear you, you should wear the clothes. The apparent lack of concern for the smaller-framed and plus-size shoppers must come to an end and brands should start corresponding to the fitting issue of modern women as soon as possible.

    This can happen if communities come together and start speaking about it and if customers put rightful pressure on brands by asking if they customize before purchasing. Don’t ever accept any service treating you less than you deserve.

    You deserve much more than you think <3

    P.S: The beautiful woman in this photo wearing a Minzkou dress is the famous model Sasha Fox. Isn’t she gorgeous !?

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