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    When you enter a restaurant or a coffeeshop have you felt like something in the air isn’t right and felt tired after spending some time there. During or after a meeting with a fellow friend, have you ever felt completely drained and sleepy ? Do you you feel your husband’s feelings regarding a certain problem as it is like your own? Even if he gets over it you continue on carrying those negativity… People lie to you but you somehow know that they lie. Do you feel like you’re a sponge sucking and experience everyone’s feelings as if it’s your own?

    If you answered YES at least to one of them welcome to the club, kitty!

    Even tough many are unaware, there are really highly sensitive people in this world absorbing other people’s emotions. Interestingly, people who pick up other’s emotions are also unaware that they do this and continue living in oblivion…

    This is not about being good hearted or using simple empathy towards loved ones. This is more like being able to read or to absorb the energy imprint radiated from others. Sometimes without talking and engaging in any way… It’s still a very rare thing and happens to minority of a society. Since this highly sensitives can not differentiate their emotions from other people’s emotions, it can be very exhausting with everyday life. If it goes unnoticed it can be hard to bare and may cause psychological breakdown . We just wanted to bring up this topic to your attention because you know Minzkou adores rarity and uniqueness in all forms and we are curious if there are any highly sensitive followers in Constellation Minzkou if so what’s the hardest part being A Highly Sensitive Person ?

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