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    Boötes Handbeaded Sweater



    True one-of-a-kind

    Feathers and beads are entirely handmade

    Embellished with crystal beads


    A Sun-like star of spectral type G0V with an apparent magnitude of 8.45, 231.5 light-years from Earth… 

    One of the signature pieces of the Boholectic Wave Collection which was inspired by the life and death cycles of celestial bodies. Sparkling crystal beads and textured  tweed patch on wool garment with a hint of stretch adorn this iconic look of Minzkou. The Multicolored design, the embroidered handmade patchwork  and the inimitable high-end handcraftsmanship will be one the the protagonist stellar pieces of the wardrobes. 

    • Round neck
    • Bell sleeves 
    • Handknitted feathers 
    • Beaded by hand