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Though there is no official figures, the average person is  in 2020 estimated to encounter between 5,000 to 7,000 ads every single day. 

For many years, on our site at www.minzkou.com we didn’t use any Pop-ups. Because Minzkou knows that ;

We all annoyingly get exposed to thousands of ads every day non-stop and learning to pro-ignore them desperately. Ads are everywhere, underneath your feet on the sidewalk, in the subway doors, leaflets fly in the air.

There are also many annoying tactics companies use to catch attention. You may have wanted to break the TV 📺 just because a commercial was irritatingly overusing a jingle. You may have gone even further and protest the company not purchasing that product ever, ever again. We hear you.

Hate the most when an advertisement pops-up right before or in the middle of watching fav video on YouTube, or  double❤️tapping on a SponsoredAd accidentally on Instagram that was purposely made to blend in your cool feed. Takes a few sec to realize it wasn’t your friend’s post. You scroll up, unlike it. Get real mad at this. Don’t you ? The only thing you knew you wouldn’t get trapped in this marketing strategy once again. 

These were a few reasons why we never used pop-ups. We now do use them, to let you know we have an exclusive things to offer and would like to build an engaging community – without annoying anybody! It’s important for us that feel OK with our POP-UP. As a matter of fact, Minzkou is a goodvibe tribe and wants to turn our customers’ visits on this site super fun !

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