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    None of the addicts ever thought their morning coffee can ever be replaced with something else !

    Till MATCHA: The supergreen green tea is one of the oldest tradition of Japan being practiced for centuries and it’s been recently taking coffee shops by storm in the States.

    Benefits of this beautifully weird greengreen tea and nutritional perks make Matcha a super anti-oxidant powerhouse ! Rich in polyphenols, ½ tsp or 0.03 oz (1 gr.) has approximately 300mg (0.012 oz) of protein, magnesium, zinc and many others listed as benefits of Matcha. Additionally, it helps protect the liver, boosts brain function. Not done yet, most important effect you’ll experience when including matcha in your routine is the energy obtained from Matcha is said to be more consistent, with less of a dive after the caffeine effect wears off. The powder version is especially rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that is believed to help increase feelings of calmness without… causing… jittering !

     Whole point of this post is to tell you this: “ Feeling of tiredness  runs through our central nervous system causing chronic fatigue due to consuming too much coffee.” If you are a heavy coffee addict experiencing chronic fatigue, time to think healthier alternatives like Matcha tea. You’ll be surprised by the result! “

    Before finalizing, let’s be real, matcha without milk isn’t drinkable at all. the secret in making a tasty drinkable matcha is making the latte with milk, not with water and the type of sweetener used affects the taste. Regular sugar or artificial sweeteners don’t go well with it. Yet a few drops of vanilla syrup will work wonders and a lot of baristas aren’t even aware of this secret recipe. But now YOU are!


    Photo Credit: TaikiTea

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