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      /  Uncategorized   /  JACK OF ALL TRADES MASTER OF NONE



    At least half of us heard this a lot from parents and elderly since childhood…

    One can be the actress, writer, cinematographer, director and producer of her own life. Plus one can have a high amount of skill in all areas and become a guru of each fields. If others aren’t able to master in stuff they do, doesn’t mean it will apply to you too.

    Impact of every day innocent expressions like ” Jack of all trades is a master of none ” may have the greatest affect if it gets stuck in the unconscious psyche. Old adage and expressions of course is quite valuable and essential as they’ve been obtained/validated by experiences throughout centuries. Being cautious while ditching and doubting these expressions is also very important, you wouldn’t want to eliminate a lesson that would serve you a lifetime. Questioning the original intent of the proverb wouldn’t hurt before preventing yourself from exploring multiple fields of whatsoever.

    The key point here in this specific proverb is to find out If the skills you have is hyped-up imaginary, deceptive skills; a skill you wish you’ve had or If you got true talent. If you believe you can be an expert in many fields and strongly feel like there is a universe within you then next time when someone tells you ” Jack of all trades is master of none ” just tell them :


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