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      /  Uncategorized   /  GREENWASHING FOR DUMMIES 101



    Greenwashing is…

    • Conveying untruthful impression about how a company is environmentally friendly
    • Giving wrongful and misleading data to deceive current or potential customers that its products are more eco-friendly than it actual is.
    • They don’t implement sustainable business practice yet spends large marketing budgets on claiming that they are eco-friendly and backing up the claims by highlighting real green products.

    A few examples:

    1-That “Conscious ” T-shirt or dress you buy from that big fast fashion houses… Can you find any sustainable practice implementation other than it’s made of cotton ? And that it looks so washed out and old, almost like second hand, as if it’s teleported from 1920s… Plus, priced higher than usual -Voila !

    2-Some pet shops or pet fashion brands sell/use real leather – heard that right real leather to make harnesses/collars for your pets. Not done yet, they claim the brand is cruelty-free or even funnier – vegan. Seriously. Or they throw a campaign with 2-3 green products in the frontline to cover the rest.

    3-That very popular “Transparent” brands of yours which make plain shirts, simple blouses and pants for an affordable price… What kind of ethical practice implementations are there if you’re making less profit than others? Frankly, it’s a clever marketing strategy to hook potential customers who value honesty and transparency.

    Since Minzkou is aware of these confusions, we want to make sure we don’t wanna look like as if every single product of Minzkou is Sustainable or Ethical. We provide our cosmic customers the accurate data about our procedures. Tough we repeated this many times all over the website, would like to remind here once again that Minzkou applies sustainable practices whenever it is possible – If elements of the design, the concept, the nature of the garment and the manufacturing capability is feasible.

    Will write a deeper blog post on how to spot pitfalls and cheatings in fashion industry and and how the transparency hoax can easily be spotted. Stay tuned & don’t forget to check our Sustainability page here explaining how Minzkou does what it does !

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