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You might have wondered why there is war, jealousy, destruction, sadness and lack of communications happens to exist on our dearly loved planet Earth? Embracing whatever situations occur in life has a role of creating deeper understanding about our visit here on Gaia. We would like to remind that our dimension is built on two forces, which are yin & yang. Everything can survive only with its opposition. As cliché as it sounds, to say as cliché as it sounds, if there was no hatred what would be defining love? How would we know what compassion is without mercilessness?

Without darkness, light may be experienced not knowing exactly what it is. They co-exist just like us, humans on Earth living together, needing each other; that’s the way it is designed. So if you think the girl next to you is ugly, know that your beauty would be meaningless without her presence and would you still think what gives you a meaning could still be labeled as ugly? Next time you feel jealous of someone, think of the opposite emotion. Is it signaling that you need more self- confidence? Therefore, more self-love? If you still pushing yourself to focus solely on the positive and treating negativity as the antagonist of your life story then you don’t know how a cloud forms. When sun heats up the ground, air warms up and when that water vapor which is lighter due to heat rises up, it gets cooler up in the sky (In every 328 feet (100m) temperature drops down about 33 °F, approximately 1 °C). Therefore, ability to hold water vapor decreases and leads to condensation. Water droplets around the particles get attached to other existing droplets and then they form clouds. CONGRATULATIONS! May your little one grow healthy and smart.

When you tend to treat bad thoughts and run away from them like a villain, we suggest you to think of an image of gigantic, cotton-ball-like edible puffy clouds, which you irresistibly want to jump on and hug when you see them through your airplane window while travelling. Because disembraced emotions will find a shortcut to ‘ poop-up ‘ abruptly to get your attention in irrelevant times and remember that in order to keep things sunny all the time, you have to be partially cloudy time to time. Until all seen/unseen, positive and negative, sad and happy, war and peace, YOU and I become one, all those forces we labeled as opposite will continue to remain and act as a mirror to all of us.

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