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    FLOWER MOON: Cosmic Babes, Time to Heal

    Did you know each full moon is endowed with a name? This month is “Flower Moon.”

    Occuring: Thu, May 7th, 6.45am ET

    But if you’re an impatient stargazer , it’s already in full phase today.

    Themes: Healing, Warmth & Compassion

    Galactic Tribe of MINZKOU, It’s time to blossom and rejuvenate ! During this fool moon, you may be forced into find unusual ways to heal what needs to be healed.

    Native Americans and different cultures around the world have given names to full moons across the lunar calendar. After Colonial Americans adapted the names, they have entered popular culture of today. In case you wonder what the other names are of the other months, here they are:

    Wolf Moon – January

    wolf packs prowled hungrily around villages and howling of wolves can be heard echoing in the cold still air in towns of Europe and America. That’s how wolf moon got its nickname.

    Snow Moon – February

    Month of Februry earned its name from the heavy snowfall in North America also it was called the Hunger Moon due to challenging conditions for the hunters.

    Worm Moon – March

    Named after the earthworms appear in the newly thawed ground that emerges from thawing trees and other winter hideouts. Other known names of this full moon are ChastE Moon, Crust Moon

    Pink Moon – April

    Cutest of all. Flowers start blossoming and a species of early blooming wildflower begin to appear indicating signs of spring. That’s why Native Americans or other cultures called this month Pink Full Moon.

    Flower Moon – May

    This the one from which we got the inspo for this blog post. As you can guess by now, the moon earned its name from abundant blooming that occurs as spring kicks in fully.

    Strawberry Moon – June

    In colonial America, harvesting of strawberries reaches its peak in month of June and gives this month’s moon its name. Other cultures may refer it as Rose moon or hot moon due to hot weatehr conditions.

    Buck Moon – July

    Male deers shed antlers every season and in July regrow them on foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. July full moon is also known as Thunder moon due to frequent thunderstorms

    Sturgeon Moon – August

    in honor of the large fish the sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, this month’s full moon is called Sturgeon moon because theu were most caught during the moth of August.

    Other names included the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon. 

    Corn Moon – September

    Time of harvesting corn is here ! Month of September is also known as Harvest Moon

    Hunter’s Moon – October

    Fattened animals and falling leaves ! Important signs that it’s time to hunt for the long and snowy months ahead.

    Beaver Moon – November

     Beavers are now more active than usual in their preparation for the cold and heavy winter! Hunters also set traps to prepare warm and cozy furs for the cold days. It’s also named as Frosty Moon. 

    Cold Moon – December

    That’s all ! The cold moon. Because it’s cold. Other given names are long Nights Moon or Oak Moon


    What is Blue Moon ?

    Most seasons have three full moons.

    Blue Moons occur about every 2½ years because the Moon completes 12 cycles of its phases 11 days shorter of a year calendar which is approximately in 354 days . This 11 days of difference gained in about two and a half year adds up to an extra, so 13th full moon occurs which is called the Blue Moon. Because of the nature of this lunar cycle one may have hear sayings such as ” Once in a blue moon. ”

    Chinese Names of the Full Moons :

    January:Holiday MoonJuly:Hungry Ghost Moon
    February:Budding MoonAugust:Harvest Moon
    March:Sleepy MoonSeptember:Chrysanthemum Moon
    April:Peony MoonOctober:Kindly Moon
    May:Dragon MoonNovember:White Moon
    June:Lotus MoonDecember:Bitter Moon

    When is the Next Full Moon ? June 5, Fri Full Strawberry Moon.

    There are some rituals being during Full Moons and it’s believed one can access the power of Full Moon energy for about a week , plus minus 3 days before and after.

    Ways you can harness energy of the Full Moon:

    • Charge water by placing under moonlight
    • Charge crystals
    • Meditate with moonstones
    • Dance to release negative energy
    • Diffuse inspirational essence oils

    You know minzkou is also all about Stars, planets, Energetic Waves and anything Shines Bright so we couldn’t help but give our own nicknames to phases of this super celestial body.


    January:Sweater MoonJuly:Mykonos- Ibiza Moon
    February:Freezing, I Wanna Move to Los Angeles! MoonAug ust: Black Rock Moon
    or Raver Moon
    March:Burried in Instagram MoonSeptember:Everything on Sale Moon
    April:Time To Hit The Gym, Summer is Around the Corner MoonOctober:Scary Moon
    or Haloween Moon
    May:Cherry Blossom MoonNovember:Turkey Moon
    June:Bikinis Out MoonDecember:Eat All You Can and Store Fat Moon

    Cosmic Babes,

    Which one is your favorite Minzkou Full Moon, comment below or let us know on @minzkou !

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