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    FAQ Frequently asked questions


    Do you ship to all countries over the world?

    Yes, we ship Minzkou products to almost all countries except a few such as North Korea. Find out which countries are/ aren’t in the list.

    How do I return/exchange/return my order ?

    Just let us know at customarecare@minzkou.com that you wish to return/exchange/return the item and we start the process. However, customized items are not eligible for return unless there’s been a mistake caused by our company.

    Do you process non-U.S / international credit cards?

    We accept all credit cards from outside of the United States and PayPal.

    Are all shippings free? 

    All U.S and international shipments  are free of charge.

    Where are your products shipped from? 

    We ship from many warehouses/channels in and out  of the U.S including some overseas countries.

    Are all deliveries express ?

    We use express shipping worldwide on all orders. However, depending on the availability in stock or customization requests shipment time might be extended.

    How do I contact you ?

    General inquires and questions :  info@minzkou.com

    Relating all product inquires and questions: customarecare@minzkou.com

    Celebrity / Stylist / Press / Ambassador requests : info@minzkou.com

    What does MSSP  stands for ?

    MSSP stands for Minzkou Sustainability Policies & Procedures.

    Are ALL Minzkou Items Made Sustainably? 

    No, not every single item of Minzkou is made sustainably.  Some designs requires different material necessity in regards to elasticity, wrinkling matters, structure, hold and so on. Therefore,  many other products are done with regular manufacturing procedures and we use materials/garments that are not quote and quote eco-friendly.

    Minzkou is an emerging apparel brand for women choosing to produce its designs with sustainable solutions whenever it can.

    Read our MSPP page to find out “ How to Save the World in Style “

    Can I customize the size or the color of my order and how does the process work ?

    You can customize the size of all items. If you need an item in another color and in different size or would like to make sure that you would get the perfect fit all you need to do is to Hello! us at customarecare@minzkou.com  with the product code/name you want to customize .

    For more additional information you can contact us at info@minzkou.com

    Is customization free ?

    Yes, you can customize your order completely free of charge. All you need to do is to sign up at www.minzkou.com

    Where can I find product sizing information?

    Product sizing varies between different designs and styles. Product size charts can be found … However, for a perfect fit we suggest to contact us at customarecare@minzkou.com to customize your order.

    Can you make products in plus/petite sizes ?

    Yes, we cover plus and petite sizes of all body types. If you can’t find your size in any of our store or on the website, all you need to do is to contact us at customercare@minzkou.com

    Why Minzkou calls Pure Silk as Vegan Silk ?

    Silk garments we use for our designs are Pure Silk harvested in cruelty-free ways from the wild. It’s technically product of an animal. However, since we do it, after the silkworm gets out of the cocoon and we don’t harm the beings it can be called Vegan-friendly to be exact.

    What does Minzkou mean?

    Minzkou means both  ‘nothing and everything’ at the same time.