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      /  Uncategorized   /  EQUILIBRIUM OF AESTHETICS



    Nowadays fashion and beauty industry has forced an unrealistic image on women worldwide. We, as House of Minzkou  encourage all to wake up to the significance of its impact on young women.

    Have you noticed the asymmetrically of your face and body, even the ones that claim to have the perfect Golden ratio ? Have you noticed that your right eye might be smaller than your left one? Have you realized your left breast might be bigger than the right one? Are the wrinkles on right side of your face more obvious than the left side? One side of your butt cheek is a bit chunkier than the other, isn’t it? Those bush-like eyebrows have to be waxed to cover its unshapedness, right? Prove that hairs on your right leg is scattered exactly the same way on the left leg. What about the palm lines of the hands? Does the right hemisphere of your brain works exactly same as the left hemisphere? If so, explain yourself why the heart is the most unsymmetrically shaped organ of our bodies.

    Each of us comes to this world in unique shapes and sizes and if there is any sort of concept or a person to define your beauty, that should be YOU.