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      /  Uncategorized   /  A DILEMMA / ECO-FASHIONISTA OR A VINTAGE QUEEN ?



    Caring for the environment is not just the responsibility of activists or companies.

    Becoming eco friendly is a very important duty for fashionistas to set an example to others since fashion industry is one of the biggest polluter, after oil. In this post, we wanted to grab your attention to a specific point about bloggers, influencers, activists, fashion lovers ( let’s call them FIBA ) that are into buying second hand or vintage clothing and promoting themselves heavily as a EcoFashionista on social media.

    Contrary to what many people think, buying second hand is a beautiful thing, making use of what might otherwise have been thrown away. Indeed, it’s one of the sustainable practices. But are all FIBA are doing so with the green intention ?

    We see many micro/macro Fiba on the web or on social media advocating sustainability by purchasing second hand clothing. This isn’t a blog post against vintage fashion, yet are their intentions really contribute to the practice of minimizing the carbon footprint?

    Do you see the point we’re trying to make ? Sorry to break this to you, we don’t think all Fiba who are into vintage clothes doing it to be environmentally friendly or for the sake of ethical fashion. In our opinion, they just wanna save some money. If that’s the story then these people sadly are giving very wrong messages to their followers and it will do more harm to the planet in long-term.

    We want our Sustainability Community be free of misconceptions and confusion. Do you agree with this article, share your thoughts below let’s discuss…

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