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Crooked Teeth You Plan to Fix One Day

Can’t you see different forms of love anywhere you look ? Seriously, can’t you? In your body,  in the waves of oceans, in the sky, in a city, in random act of kindness, in soil you step, in the house you live in, in your favourite possessions maybe a photo camera?  In scent of lemons, in tastes of all kinds of berries, in that coffee shop you always go to,  in sunset and sunrise, in the blue, in another day, in your god and their god, in your frizzy hair or in your crooked teeth that you plan to fix one day, can you see the love in the darkest times? Can’t you, seriously? Books you read? Characters you watch in movies? That curly goldendoodle you follow on instagram? Helping and giving and receiving and giving again? In being apart, in missing, in losing something and someone ? Can you? You will see  that infinite love in all of these on that very beautiful day that you start to have full of love for yourself first.  Because you only can give what you have.