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    We Got Only One Earth


    As House of Minzkou, intending to control the impact we have upon the environment in which we wake up, work, breathe and live is not some kind of a duty; in fact it is a passion. We believe that what we do to our nature is our unexpressed inner reflection or vice versa. Nature and We are connected in an invisible way and that etheric chord affects each other though we are not yet conscious about it. What we give Gaia is what we will receive and treating her in most possible gentle ways is what we will get in return because as Creators of Minzkou we know that we deserve to be treated in that same delicate ways too.

    What is Sustainability ?

    Minzkou believes there are so many things we all can do in regards to conserving resources and keeping delicate ecosystems of our planet in harmony through sustainable practices. What exactly Sustainability – the trendiest buzzword of the decade- means?

    There isn’t a common up-to-date definition of sustainability everybody agrees. Sustainability can be seen as a movement, concept, systematic need of humankind or can be considered simply as a lifestyle. Here are a few definitions of the word ‘Sustainability’:

    Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance by focusing on regeneration, regrowth.

    Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

    Sustainability can be categorized and explained under the titles of economic, social and environmental.  Equivalent of these titles can be interchangeable with Planet, People and Profit. We want to discuss how fashion houses are contributing to this ever-growing problem and where Minzkou stands as an emerging apparel brand in the industry because Sustainability in Fashion Industry.

    Having minimal negative impact on the global environment, local community and caring for the future of humankind what fuels Minzkou’s soul. Therefore Minzkou created its own sustainability practices. Here are our 6 Sustainability Policies & Procedures:

    • Eco-Consious Sourcing Policy
    • No-Waste Policy
    • Upcycling Policy
    • Cruelty-Free Policy
    • Body & Mind & Soul Alignment Policy
    • Growing Together Policy

    Read the full  MINZKOU SUSTAINABILITY POLICIES and PROCEDURES page for more details