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    Customization Service

    Re Shaping the Fashion Industry

    One must feel good first in order to look good, not all the way around.”

    We as House of Minzkou are disrupting the industry with our revolutionary ‘Customization Service.’

    Although seen as a sumptuous labor in most parts of the world, having garments tailored specifically for one’s own body is essential in order to look and feel our best. As a global pioneer, we introduce the luxurious experience of individual tailoring to all of our customers.

    We proudly offer a tailoring service to change the size or the color of our items.  Most of Minzkou products can be made-to-order and can be altered to fit perfectly almost any shape or size of all body types.


    “ One size does NOT fit all “

    Have you ever noticed how many different people live in United States or around the world? How many different looking people from different backgrounds are there?  How many different ethnics and religions exist in this country, in the world? How many of them speak in different languages, having different family structures, involving in different types of activities with different types of people? How many  have different shapes of hair, lips and legs. Have you noticed assymetricity of your face and body? Have you noticed that your right eye might be smaller than your left one? Have you realized that your left breast might be bigger than the right one? How many times you ordered Triple Grande Iced Latte topped with Whipped Cream and added one and a half spoon of brown sugar and 2 ounces more 2 percent milk in your coffee to drink it by East River while watching the sunset? How many times you calculated which wagon you should ride in the subway so that you can end up right by the exit stair of the street you need to go ?  Thoughts, actions, behaviors, feelings of every single member of our civilization is unique. So are our bodies…

    Be aware that you’re trying to fit in one size.

    You are not one size.