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    Earth’s current dimension is built on two forces which are yin & yang, negative &positive, masculine & feminine. Ying Yang is the concept of duality forming a whole. It suggests that everything can survive only with its opposition. As cliché as it sounds, to say as cliché as it sounds, if there was no hatred what would be defining love? How would one knows what compassion is without mercilessness? They are polar opposites yet complementary forces but cycle together in harmony throughout life.


    Human beings are made of atoms and atoms are made of subatomic particles of the nucleus which are charged with negative and positive energy  called protons and neutrons that work together like two magnets with the opposite electrical charges attracting each other without crashing. These fundamental building blocks of all living things and matter are also two contrary forces that can not exist independently and are responsible for maintaining balance within its own structure.


     Humans are the result of two opposing forces that is inseparable, interconnected and interdependent; proton-neutron, positive-megative, yin-yang, masculin and feminine!  



    Nowadays, the world is proned to get affected mainly by masculine energy thus lacking in the opposite energy of femininity. All sort of destructiveness such as destroying nature, constant oppression and inequality on women is a red flag indicating mother Earth needs to balance up its feminine energy. Minzkou believes being without a gender identity, we focus on unifiying two opposite features and embrace the power lies in the wholeness. When feminine and male energy (the constant flux of the universe) come to a balance we become whole and together we turn into a constructive dynamic force of the universe.  Ohh and what happens to an atom if you separate the proton or the neutron from each other ? It loses its core and become a different element.


    Minzkou strongly believes humankind can achieve  balancing the male and female energy by leaving all gender labels, indoctrinations and our gender differences behind. In our society, it’s believed man should be disconnected from emotions and from feminine feelings. In contrast, we believe males should allow themselves to exhibit more feminine energy such as feeling certain emotions, acting in more feminine way. We don’t refer to sexual preferences here at all. We just mean the allowance of feeling the feminine energy of compassion, kindness, mercy and removing gender differences in emotional experience and expressivity.


    In Minzkou, as crazy as it sounds, we believe clothes can be one of the steps to achieve it. Meaning that man can learn to feel comfortable wearing more feminine clothes, more feminine colors or patterns just as women are completely okay in their boyfriend denims, wear suits, ties and are okay with showing masculine features.  When emotional experience and feminine expressivity is balanced, all the destruction behaviors caused by this imbalance can be unlearn; resulting in less violence of all kind on this world and our civilization then will evolve into a healthier future.


    We hope one day borders of the world will be removed, everybody will be the Global Citizen of the Mother Earth and  as humankind we will evolve into a Genderless species.


    P.S: Minzkou is a fashion label making clothes for women but a male model in the photo wearing one of our designs. Doesn’t it  feel cool?