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      /  NY 11211

    NY 11211

    | And Brooklyn is the New Manhattan | Believe it or not, but SoHo is not the only fashionable trendsetting place full of  upscale chic boutiques with exclusive/unique stuff in beloved New York. There is one neighborhood that is more indie-friendly where you’d be perfectly fitting in with your handcrafted artsy Minzkou Two-Piece Matching Set. It is like the Cuba of Caribbean, mysterious, artistic, reserved but most importantly ‘untouristic’ (will stay a bit more like that though it’s been rapidly getting popular since 2012 ). It's Jean Pierre- JJEUNETish images of people that will make you wanna just sit down on a stair and stare at those fashionable, artistic people walking by. You’d be surprised how long you can do that without even noticing how time goes by. By the way, we’re talking about the high- frequented, colorful and boho-chic star ' WILLIAMSBURG '. From its vintage stores to boutiques for unique finds to awesomest restaurants and East River & McCarren parks, this neighborhood is a MUST-HAVE!  Next time we’ll delve deeply into every corner of Williamsburg and give you suggestions of our fav. spots to dine, drink and yes yes shops too… However, before Duane Reade and Bank of America invades each corner of the streets and gets even more touristic go ahead grab your iced matcha latte and jump on L train today ( quite hot  2°) to enjoy lovely East River <3 ! P.S: Hope you enjoyed our teaser