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    ” Attitudes Out, Vibes IN “

    To keep it simple, our loyal customers, followers, partners and tribe members is called COSMIC BABE by Minzkou. Cosmic Babes are the new type of women that are aligned with universe through different values, thought patterns and frequencies.

    In Minzkou, we believe our world is transforming into a new layer of reality where consciousness of compassion and love requires immediate attention. We call it simply as ” New Earth .”

    The New Earth can’t stand destructive and obnoxious behaviors of human and has to leave behind those people who feed the soul with lower level of emotions like anger, hatred, jeoaulusy etc. Therefore, the planet needs pioneers who vibes on frequencies like love, gratitude, compassion to walk a fresh path that’s never been stepped on before to alter current status quo; to show the whole world anything can be achieved through joy and self-authenticity and not through destructive mediums, feelings and thought patterns.

    Those pioneers are our COSMIC BABES!: The New Women of the New Earth.

    • Cosmic Babe of Minzkou is courageous enough to set new trends, creates her own genuine style through edgy designs and bold colors to lead the way.  And some Cosmic Babes has chosen to do this through clothes and fashion!
    • Cosmic Babes of Minzkou thrives in life by expressing her uniqueness and sheds light to those who ” temporarily” lost touch with the authentic self.
    • Cosmic babe of Minzkou is not afraid to be chaotic as universe and soothing as soil.
    • Cosmic Babe of Minzkou walks between realms whose branches stretch up towards the sky, synchronously, roots reach deep down into the ground.
    • Cosmic Babe of Minzkou trusts her instincts and acts upon her own inner guidance. She doesn’t have idols, neither she gets influenced by others.
    • Cosmic Babe of Minzkou doesn’t act, she vibes.

    And MINZKOU is very excited to be part of this adventure of The Cosmic Babe at this time and space assisting her with our unique and expressive clothes encouraging her to restyle the person she was born to be . Minzkou will proudly be here to carry the New Woman of The New Earth beyond her wildest dreams.

    We Are All Cosmic Babes !

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