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6 Photography Tips For Fashion Bloggers

1- Use more than one app or software; like combining Photoshop with Instagram or using Snapseed, Instasize and Instagram all together. Do not stick to one application solely when editing one photo. Apply the best feature of each application.

2-Pose in asymmetric shapes, standing up with hands down only good for passport photos. If you’re not satisfied with thickness of your arms for instance, place them on your waist, it will look thinner in the photo. Same goes for the chunky legs. Don’t be afraid to use your body in different alignments.

3-You won’t hear this tip much from the Pros. Interestingly, whether  or not you have professional camera , catch Golden Hour aka Magic Hour:  Time period about 45 minutes  before sunset or after sunrise during which light is softer gives magical layer to the photos and adds beauty to your beauty. We encourage you to try it even without make-up on ! That is sort of same reason why your Car Selfies are the best; Yes, the diffused soft light filtered through glass.

4-Stay away from extraordinarily over-exposed photos where one of your eye or nose disappears, or under-exposed ones where only the glitter of your foundation can be seen. Also, PLEASE stay away from cartoonish, anime-like Filter effects such as Prisma. To you it might be quite fresh and popular but for Professionals who have been using softwares like Photoshop and so on for many many years might be extremely cheesy. Treat your audience in a level that you want to be treated.

5-Many of us would disregard this option when it comes to re-touching but Aperture could be as amazing as Photoshop for bloggers who wants an easier|quicker way to re-touch .

6-Remember, there is better chance to save an under-exposed photo than over exposed ones. Because when you expose excessively, you lose data completely. So now, you know why those 1 p.m. photos of yours are completely trashed.

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