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      /  Uncategorized   /  5 TYPES OF WOMEN



    ” There are five types of women in this world “


    Fisrt type is the women who copy other women. We call them the Beta group. This group is prone to imitate others in their own ways and have low sense of self. They usually have a specific target (a person or achievements of individuals) .

    These women usually copy celebrities, influencers or other women who the imitator thinks is more advanced than herself. They have a hard time to tune in to inner self to stimulate creativity so they often draw inspiration from the target. Majority of women -in our opinion- are included in this category.

    You can see them everywhere wearing the same clothes, speaking the same, looking the same, putting on the same make up, using same brands, posting similar posts on social media, having same attitude, adopting trends right away. Finally, the way they copy other person looks natural because they’re able to add a bit of their own authenticity in the action.

    They’re usually don’t mean any harm and can turn into loyal followers of the target.


    Neutral group is the most interesting type. Women in this category usually don’t have crazy aspirations/goals in life. It doesn’t mean that they’re aimless or less successful, it just means their values are quite different than the rest of the groups. They don’t care much of trends, fashion or popular culture and not so fond of competing with others. Moreover, they don’t hold onto heavy emotions nor they have crazy exciting feelings towards popular things.

    They simply live life as it comes and are the least harmful of this list.


    Most dangerous of all type. If you are a creative and detect one Blackhole type around you, run while you can. In contrast to the Beta group, women in this group has no sense of self at all -thus always in search of an identity. Anything cool can be attached to their self identity. As you can guess from the name, this group is like the Blackholes; as soon as you get in the radar, they will suck and warp all your uniqueness. This group is the most dangerous ones because not only they copy exactly what you do who you are, but they arrange pr manipulate things in a way that it’d look as if they’re the original owner of that idea/or whatever being copied.

    It can really frustrating dealing with this kind . They can be easy to detect but hard to prove from whose identity they steal other than yourself . They steal a little from that person, a bit from another, one from this woman, two things from another people. They steal a style of one woman, gesture of another woman, copy projects or copy one small portion of that project, imitate a product of more than a few artists. Moreover, they even grow similar obsessions and emotions of their targets. For instance, if the target is in love with a specific city, the BH type will grow a similar obsession. If this type is in your close circle such as a good friend or family member then you’re lucky! But if they’re at a distance than they will just keep stalking-sucking till they’re done.

    However, if you’re the target no need to worry or stress out Dear High-Vibing Creative Friend ! Even if nobody is aware of this aspect yet, we humans can pick up what’s authentic and what’s not! Even if BH type steal some of your ‘things’, know that they can’t reproduce, yet you can and it will be somehow obvious that they’re not the original source. You are the source field, the more you release the more originality you’d get. Know that they are doomed to mess up at some point in life on this matter .

    Remember, at the end of the day, they can steal anything but your VIBE .

    Minzkou suggests we shouldn’t hate them because they’re just lost souls who needs some help to reconnect with their inner self and hopefully Alphas can spark that.


    Minzkou’s favorite. The leader, the entreprenuer, unapologetically expressive, the guide, trendsetter, rebellious in a very girly way. Never loses her bearings. Knows exactly what she’s doing and is never under the influence. They often encounter with obstacles in life because this type always walks paths never walked before and clears the way for others. We call them the Cosmic Babes ( of Minzkou) and refer to them often on site and on the social media posts @minzkou .


    When it comes to Polymaths, it may sound as if they’re in the category of ” Jack of all trades, master of none .” However that’s not the case. Polymaths do excel across a diverse range of areas but they have very notable achievements in social, intellectual or artistic, physical or scientific pursuits. Though Polymaths are similar to Alphas, they’re not the same entirely. The major difference between Polymaths and Alphas are, PMs can be less emotional and much less creative.

    In the context of this article, polymaths can adapt features from all 4 types given above. They can be both Neutrals, Beta and Alphas. They might also have tendencies into being Blackholes but they only act like that when working on a groundbreaking projects for the greater good, to contribute and advance the society – not for personal desires.

    Final Words

    We are all parts of a whole. Even type 3 is part of us! Which one are YOU?

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