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    Estimated time needed: 3,5 hours with 15 minute matcha latte  and five times instagram break . 

    Just like your diet and physical exercises, your wardrobe can drastically affect your daily mood. Heard right- your wardrobe. When we’re surrounded by things that are aesthetically displeasing, whether we’re aware or not it it affects our energy levels, and the subconscious will pick up on this energy automatically. So with these 12 easy steps, it’s quite possible to bring more positivity into your life by raising a little bit of awareness and simply by rearranging your holy space you spend the most money on and Minzkou is here to help you to ACE it !

    Step 1- ORDER IN CHOAS

    If you are an artist, a creative or simply your zodiac sign is not in Virgo, your mind can feed off messiness and chaos. You even may have a ‘ perfect order in chaos’ kingdom, you know exactly where everything is. You know where even the most unimportant things are located so when somebody dares to attempt to clean up the clutter you may freak out! You can dive your hand in a bag full of items (including trash) and still can pick the lipstick you wanted to take out at one try (without looking). Hear you. But time to let go girl. There are tons of other important things your brain needs space for.

    If you are an individual whose brain is wired normal and are a tidy person just skip to Step 3.

    Step 2 – Decluttering the Room

    First thing first, ‘ perfect order in chaos’ Queens we know you may haaate tiding up and rather spend this time more creatively on other important stuff but we promise you’ll be happy at the end of 12 steps.

    You need to declutter the room first, because you will take all the clothes out, so you’ll need some space. No, you can’t do this ritual while everything is still sitting in the closet, gotta take at least the part of the closet you’d work on out .

    Step 3 – Empty Out

    Start separating textile from other materials and objects. If you like to keep your jewelry in the drawer of the closer for instance, take’em out. If you keep notebooks, pencils, lamps, shoes (hope not) or anything else in the closet that’s not a textile product, they all need to be taken out. Your closet is not a “container “

    Note: Bags can be an exception.

    Step 4 – SORT OUT

    Shorts on one side, T-shirts on the other side, Pants on top of pants, blouses on the other corner placed on similar blouses… Assorting and folding the similar, sorting out, matching the length of items is the most essential part of organizing a closet. This is the most time consuming part of the work. Do this on the bed, don’t place them yet.

    Step 5- Color Grade the Feed, O0PS SORRY ‘ THE CLOSET ‘

    Now that everything is folded, time to have fun before we get into the more emotional stages. COLOR CODING. When you open the closet, it should look nice and pleasing to the eye. That’s the first vibe you’ll encounter first thing in the morning and it should spark a joy in your heart. Since you’re an expert on social media color grading feeds perfectly, the same grading techniques apply to the closets. Start placing the items in the closet from light colors to darker colors. Almost there.

    Step 6- Let Go

    Emotional parting with some of the clothes… Notice how many unworn pieces there are in your closet. Spot the ones that is/if

    1- Dysfunctional

    2- Older than at least more than 2-3 years

    3- doesn’t make you happy when you look at it

    4- a painful memory’s attached

    5-not aligning with who you currently are

    Advanced tips: It’s up to you to trash it or not but If there is any summer clothes made with mostly Nylon, Polyester and similar materials do not wear them in summer, the fabric will cause you to umm- smell…


    Most sustainable tips of all. If you’re a New Yorker you know where to ditch your used clothing: Williamsburg, Brooklyn ! They buy clothes in excellent condition year-round. This way you can enter to the Sustainability Community and and make a few bucks right away ! Yay, now you made first progress into reducing your own carbon footprint -Congrats! Also apps like Poshmark or DePop might be an option. Finally, another option is to just giving them away to the charities or to people in need which would be Minzkou’s preferred choice.


    1- Changing color of the nearby walls. Power of a color should never be underestimated. Pastel shades or bright hues would do the trick. Here’s a few Pantone color codes for inspiration : 9241, 9320, 9044, 14-3612

    2- Adding a few drops of parfume on piece of fabric or a strongly-scented soap and tuck them in the drawer/closet.

    3- Adding low voltage lighting to the darker corners or throughout the closet.

    4- If your wardrobe doesn’t have a mirror, get one ! Don’t know why mirrors magically boost the whole mood -it’s definitely worth the investment.

    5- Cover the door with a few affirmation post-its, don’t be shy to motivate yourself!

    6- Invest in matching hangers, or stick with a few different set of hangers. Throw out the ones came from the Dry Cleaner please…

    7- Rug and an ottoman chair right in front of the closet will fancy up your whole world.

    Remember whatever adjustment is made, it should bring you a joy.


    Congratulations, now step back and look at one of your biggest achievements: Eye-pleasing, neatly organized, color graded, inspiringly decorated, high-vibing Cosmic Babe Closet ! Hardest part will be to keep this positivity for long term, you’ve come this far and can’t let yourself go back to old routine! 10 minutes a day is a good amount of time to tide up if there are any clothes laying around and placing back where they deserve.


    Wow, we were sweating while typing. Walking through this article wasn’t easy either. Hope, we did well. In this step, we would like to add our favorite tips and draw attention to most essential stuff that’s being ignored.

    1- Fabrics of your clothes : As much as caring for a healthy diet, one should be aware of clothes that touches one’s skin. Choosing as organic, airy, chemical-free eco-friendly fabrics as possible is very important. Minzkou Vegan-friendly Silk Collection can be the perfect example of giving your body the most precious gift of Nature. It’s also cruelty-free.

    2- Caring the clothes : Don’t be lazy to read washing instructions of the items. Treat them how they deserve, wash accordingly. Yes, that including washing them by hand.

    3- Fast fashion victims : Don’t have to keep up with each trend looking same as others. Remember that trends won’t last long. Attend trends if it aligns with your style. Your body and wardrobe deserves more quality clothes than cheap fast fashion products.

    4- Treat nicer: Don’t throw it on the floor or step on it. You will later on wear it on your beautiful body. (Well, with most of Minzkou products you wouldn’t dare to throw it back and forth because it contains hundreds of bead embellishment, it would hurt you to see it on the floor… )

    Elevating your body, beauty and consciousness is Minzkou’s primary motivation. Hope you enjoyed this article! Leave a comment of your favorite step and don’t forget to check out our Instagram @minzkou for more inspirational stuff !